Photo courtesy of YouTube.

The Next “Cronut” Food Craze Has Arrived

Cue the drooling

It wasn't long ago that New York City was taken over by the cronut, a food craze that swept the city and launched countless imitators. Now, Dominique Ansel, the world-renowned chef who invented what would quickly become every New Yorker's dream dessert, is coming back with another jaw-dropping culinary invention.

His new recipe is called the Wild Strawberry Pavlova, a name that will probably make customers perk up based on the spunky wording alone. But wait until you see the photos. This bad boy is a light, meringue-based concoction topped with sweetened strawberries. And these are aren't your average supermarket strawberries, either. Chef Ansel has them shipped overnight from Málaga, Spain, and a staff member drives to the airport daily to transport them to our unworthy tastebuds.

That sweet sophistication costs $70 per pound. But what is money, anyway? What are calories? We forgot while staring longingly into this video of the pavlova being made. We hope you weren't planning on getting any work done today, either. Happy Friday!