Watch Rock Band Dorothy “Raise Hell” At Thanksgiving Dinner

they’re officially banned from the kids’ table

by jessica quinn

Meet Dorothy: The vampy, rock n’ roll megababe raising hell this Thanksgiving in the eponymous band’s latest video, directed by Emma Sydney Menzies. When the gang shows up for dinner, greeted by uptight family members and open seats at the kids’ table, all hell breaks loose. After being denied the only adult beverage that will get them through the night (wine, duh), shots are fired with a table flip, courtesy of the band’s front-woman, Dorothy Martin (Teresa Giudice would be so proud). Decked out in her signature ripped fishnets and vintage fur coat, she then proceeds to climb onto the dining-room table, thus commencing a food fight-slash-jam sesh of epic proportions. Check it all out in the video for their single “Raise Hell,” above.