testing out marc jacobs’ new perfume.

by faran krentcil

This week, Daisy and Lola get a new little sister named Dot. The third fragrance in the Marc Jacobs garden series, Dot comes in a ladybug-inspired bottle, and includes notes of berries, dragon fruit, honeysuckle, jasmine, and orange blossom, along with coconut water and vanilla. A hint of driftwood keeps it from veering into treacly territory, but like a juicy summer cocktail, Dot is definitely fruity, sassy, and very sweet. The fragrance hit many stores yesterday, and comes as both perfume and a body lotion (a good option if you love the smell but don't want to make this summer's heat haze feel any heavier.) Meanwhile, a sneak peek at the ads reveal they star 18-year-old Australian Codie Young, who studies art back home and joins Dakota Fanning, Karlie Kloss, Hannah Holman, and Sofia Coppola as a face of MJ's fragrances.

Get Dot for $45 - $89 online and at Marc Jacobs boutiques.