design your own docs!

if they’re good, dr. martens will sell them in stores.

by liza darwin

Over the years, our classic beat-up Docs have taken us from snowy walks across the Williamsburg bridge, stuck with us during spring adventures in the city, and even accompanied us to swanky Fashion Week soirees— and yeah, this total versatility is one of the reasons why we love 'em.

But just in case you want to inject a little flair into your classic boots, Dr. Martens has you covered. As part of the London brand's new #Standforsomething campaign, it's asking its fans—AKA, pretty much everyone—to design their very own pair of custom Docs using photos, drawings, and more.

All you have to do is head to the Dr. Martens Facebook page, upload images from Facebook, Instagram, or your own computer to stamp on different sections of your boot. Top it off with colors, and finish things with a final statement telling everyone what you stand for. And if your design makes the cut, then who knows? Dr. Martens just might sell your custom shoes to the public! How's that for getting your kicks?