Image via Instagram/@Champagnepapi

Did Drake Accidentally Compare Himself To Hitler In New Song?


by Sarah Beauchamp

In Drake's new song, "Diplomatic Immunity," the rapper attempted to sound tough, but unfortunately may have taken it a little too far and wound up comparing himself to Hitler. Whoops.

On the track, released over the weekend, Drake raps that he's "Violatin’ the Treaty of Versailles." A Genius contributor noted on the site that Hitler violated the Treaty of Versailles, a peace treaty that brought World War I to an end. By breaking the treaty, Hitler set off World War II. So, maybe violating the treaty isn't so badass, Drake. 

This is an especially awkward mixup given that Drake is Jewish. However, he might just not have been paying close attention in school. 

While it seems highly unlikely that Drake would knowingly compare himself to a hateful anti-Semitic mass murderer, maybe he should study his references more next time.