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Mazel Tov! Drake Gives Surprise Performance At NYC Bat Mitzvah

And it was lit.

by Lisa Eppich

Drake just made one superfan's dreams come true by giving a surprise performance of "Hotline Bling" and Fetty Wap's "My Way" at a New York City Bat Mitzvah. In an event that seemed much more luxe than the rapper's own Bar Mitzvah back in the day, some clips from his performance surfaced on social media, revealing a completely packed dance floor and (presumably) the guest of honor decked out in an appropriately bling-y mini dress. Not that that's surprising—one would assume that if you have the cash to hire Drake, renting out and filling a club for your 12-year-old daughter is, presumably, nothing. Perhaps it's a good thing for her that My Super Sweet Sixteen is canceled. Although she'd have a few years to think it out, how's she going to top this one? (Hint: she won't)

(Via Complex and Twitter)