drawing stories with travis millard

What do Primus, Vans, Foundation skateboards, zombie books, The Get Up Kids, Adidas, and Dinosaur Jr. have in Common? Well aside from the fact that they're all awesome, they've all involved the illustrations of Travis Millard in their work in some form. The artist, whose work may seem like a funny or sarcastic take on the world, has actually opened up in a new series of short videos entitled Drawing with Travis Millard where he illustrates stories from his own life while sharing them.
This new approach to viewing the artist's work shows him in a sweet-natured and insightful light. We spoke with the creator and producer of the series, Isac Walter, who explained that he has been a fan of Millard and just wanted to see what goes through the artist's mind when he's working. Walter likens the shorts to something like a Bob Ross for the next generation. We love the three videos that have been released so far and we're already forming a list of other artists we'd like to see featured. Walter shared that there are a few more Millard shorts that have been filmed that will be released soon HERE. We've also got to shout out Aaron Beckum for filming and Signal Snowboards for backing it.
For more illustrations and awesome pictures follow Travis Millard's instagram HERE it's really rad. And also check out his website HERE-his catalog of work is pretty incredible to say the least.



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