Image via Dream Nails


Punk Band Dream Nails Puts A Hex On Donald Trump In “Deep Heat” Video

“Nobody cares if your dick is on fire”

by Eric Shorey

This election cycle has been so maddeningly strange that many of us have resorted to witchcraft to sway the vote. Count the riot grrrls of Dream Nails amongst the many sorceresses using their magick for the forces of good. Hailing from London, these self-decribed "feminist punk witches from hell" are hoping to jinx their way through Election Day. In the video for their new track "Deep Heat" the ultra-cool rockers are conjuring some nasty, spicy hexes for the Republican presidential candidate.

Imagining all the possible pains that could be inflicted on Donald Trump via punk rock voodoo, the new track combines the screeching ferocity and infectious melodies of bands like Bikini Kill and Sleater Kinney with an anger only the politics of 2016 could inspire. "Sriracha on your dick/ Sriracha on your balls/ Sriracha on your eyes/ Sriracha in your heart/ Sriracha everywhere!" screams their singer, invoking whatever forces she can to bring pain unto our nation's orange blight. The adorably dressed crowd joins in on the curse, using the power of the mosh pit to energize their incantation.

Check out the new video, below. And if you're feeling the track, help support these girls by buying the song over on their Bandcamp page.

Director: Jade Jackman, Producer: Sorcha Bacon, Director of Photography: Etienne Leung, Focus Puller - Chris Steel, Clapper Loader - Camilla Piana Brizio, Gaffer - Dimitris Lambridis, Spark - Ivo Garland, Stylist - Hannah Gooding, Labels: The Ragged Priest, Lu La Loop, Rokit Vintage, Illustrated People, Shop Floor Whore, Make Up Artist - Carolina Bicudo, Make Up Assistant - Melissa Trierweiler, Nail Artist - Susanna Mollah, Editor - Isolde Penwarden & Colourist - Danial Thompson. Production Assistant: Nick Finegan, Production Runner: Gisou Akhavan, A Try Hard Production,

Thanks to Hope & Anchor for providing the venue and Nalika de Silva and Amy Stratton and a special thanks to all the incredible crowd who made this a reality.