Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

drunk shopping just got way easier

and more regrettable

by meredith alloway

We're all guilty of shopping while intoxicated. It may be splurging on Manolos after mimosas or loading up your Etsy cart while drinking wine at home. Now there's an app to encourage all your guilty pleasures. It's called Drunk Shopping and it’s awesome.

It’s also literally the easiest thing to master ever. You text “heyyyyyy” (that’s 6 y’s if you’re a little tipsy already) to the number 551-333-7856. Then, at 2am Saturday night, the app will text you back with something stellar to buy.

We’re talking giant piano mats, a shirt covered in Nic Cage’s face or anything you could possibly regret the morning after. You don’t actually have to buy anything, but we’ll admit there’s nothing better than a hangover and a totally unessential package coming in the mail.