And The Next Classic Video Game To Become Major Motion Picture Is….

remember rampage?!?!

News out of Hollywood confirms that the classic video game Rampage is hurtling towards a big-screen adaptation starring charming demigod Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In case you’re under the age of, say, 28, Rampage was a much-loved arcade-style game from 1988 that challenged users—playing as either King Kong or Godzilla knockoffs—to destroy as much of a cityscape as they could while battling government attempts to stop them. Whether San Andreas and Ballers star Johnson will be playing a giant lizard, a giant ape, or a human trying to save civilization is unclear at this time—though we’re really pulling for giant lizard here.

If you’re scratching your head here, you’ve got company. While we loved Rampage as kids, it’s not been a part of the current pop consciousness for some time. As well, with Godzilla 2, Skull Island, Pacific Rim 2, more Jurassic Park sequels, and other similar fare heading to theaters in the coming years, yet another movie featuring yet another massive monster destroying what we can only presume will be the Golden Gate Bridge yet again is going to have to find some sort of magic to differentiate itself from the horde. This, again, is where dressing up Dwayne Johnson as a giant green lizard with a sense of humor as sharp as his teeth would pay off.