Ear Cuffs You’ll Never Want to Take Off

    ...And might make you want to pierce your ears more.

    by · July 30, 2015

    Let’s talk about piercings. Some people have a million, some have none. It’s tricky when you tell your parents, “Mom, can I get my ears double-pierced?” Don’t even get us started on asking for your nose, lip, eyebrow, or belly-button... It can be a very scary converstaion. With the new phase of the ear cuff, some of these matters are left easier, because it gives the illusion of more piercings (at least on your ears) than you really have, depending on which one you chose. Ear cuffs come in different versions, like the kind for conventionally pierced ears that sit on top of the outter ear, creating the illusion of a million, tiny ear-piercings. Other styles exist that actually hook onto the top of your ear, or even small, subtle cuffs that adorn the outside ear. There’s an option for everyone, just make sure the cuff you choose expands and contracts to fit the size of your ear!

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