how to have an ear party

    with earrings!

    by · April 23, 2015

    illustration by liz riccardi

    Women everywhere have been in a tizzy since we were first introduced to the arm party by Man Repeller. This flashy haze of embroidered metal friendship bracelets was a challenge for the mind and the body as we took care to evenly distribute weight so as not to end up with one lonely Madonna-like arm. But now it appears as if Millennials are taking it upon themselves to adorn another bodily appendage: ears.

    While this new wave of body parties is nothing new—humans have been piercing themselves for at least the past 5,000 or so years—it has certainly taken on a new meaning in this post-Y2K culture. No longer is a punk-rock aesthetic a pre-requisite for driving a needle through one’s entire ear 20 or so times, as women of all different styles have decided to partake: You can easily find a row of delicate gold hoops on the lobe of a British socialite, a mixed-metal assortment on a fashion industry insider, and, of course, a river of cheap Claire’s studs on your local teenage mall rat.

    But how exactly does one perfect this so-called “ear party”? Well, it’s an art in and of itself. Click through the gallery to see how we like to party.

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