Illustration by Liz Riccardi


one teenager’s tweet will change the way you wear earrings


For years now, women have gone through the world wearing their earrings in a completely wrong way. But now, thanks to one teenager's Tweet, that may all be about to change. 

Chelsea Smith—a 19-year-old who, like many of us, has had to deal with the clunky burden that is the plastic-back earring—discovered that the plastic on the aforementioned backs are, in fact, removable. The backs that are, as everyone knows, only used as a last resort when you lose your real earring back. The ones that are basically a flashing, neon sign that says, "These are not real diamonds, as I've been telling everyone. They're cubic zirconia, and I'm not fooling anyone."

So you no longer need to deal with the shame, or the humiliation. Do yourself a favor, and remove the back. It's what Claire's would want you to do.