9 Eco-Conscious Beauty Brands You Need To Know

Go green for 2017

While there may be some people out there who don’t believe in climate change, there’s no denying that its devastating effects are already rearing their ugly heads. And while beauty and skin care—like most of the world’s larger industries—contribute to this global issue, there are brands out there working to fight it, or at least doing their part to prevent it from getting worse. 

Below, check out nine eco-conscious and sustainable beauty brands you should have on your radar. Aside from producing incredible products—from skin care and cosmetics to fragrance—they’re working to make the planet cleaner and greener. Using organic, sustainable ingredients, handcrafting products in small batches, and employing recyclable and reusable packing are just a few of the measures they’re taking to better the world we live in.

Click through to read more about each brand. Here’s to a green 2017.

Photo courtesy of Plant Makeup

Plant Makeup

Plant Makeup makes their lovely handmade, small-batch products using only "Good4You" ingredients—either certified organic, locally grown, or foraged from non-polluted areas—and takes care to return plant material back to the earth after it has been removed, used, or infused. Many of their products are packaged in compostable tubes, and the use of glass is prominent over plastic. They even go as far as biking each package to the post office, rather than driving, to make sure they are as eco-friendly as possible.

Plant Makeup, Pink Rose Shimmer Balm, $14, available at Plant Makeup.

Photo courtesy of Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship is a small, female-run company based in the Hudson River Valley, New York, that puts out organic beauty with a direct link to land and sea. The brand uses only organic and wild-harvested ingredients, domestically grown when possible, and recyclable and reusable glass packaging in order to contribute to a positive environmental impact. Animal testing? Never! Products are only tested on “ourselves and friends.”

Captain Blankenship, Mermaid Detox Face Mask, $30, available at Captain Blankenship.

Photo courtesy of CLEAN Reserve

CLEAN Reserve

CLEAN Reserve creates gorgeous, luxury fragrances that are sustainable—made with raw ingredients and always paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Each scent is packaged in a 100 percent recyclable and reusable bottle and contributes to giving back to the farmers, tribes, and communities around the world from whom its sustainable ingredients are sourced from.

CLEAN Reserve, Sel Santal Perfume, $90, available at CLEAN Reserve.

Photo courtesy of W3ll People

W3ll People

W3ll People’s minimalist cosmetics will not only help you master the no-makeup makeup look but the brand is all-natural too. Each product, free of fillers and other harmful ingredients, is handcrafted in the U.S. in small batches and tested in their studio by their Green Beauty Pros—never on animals.

W3ll People, Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer, $28.99, available at W3ll People.

Photo courtesy of PLANT Apothecary

PLANT Apothecary

This unisex beauty, body, and grooming line is a design lover’s dream. PLANT Apothecary’s organic products are free of toxic and synthetic ingredients, made by following the principles of aromatherapy and herbalism, and sold in distinctive, design-forward packaging. On top of being green, they’re also do-gooders: Each product is made with the help of disabled adults employed by BKLYN UNLTD, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to give those with mental and physical disabilities work and training opportunities. 

PLANT Apothecary, Get Happy Organic Bodywash, $20, available at PLANT Apothecary.

Photo courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet is much more than just a beauty brand with an adorably sweet name. Handcrafting everything from deodorant to insect repellant and complete facial regimens, the brand is fully committed to their vegan plant and mineral-based formulas being as pure as possible. You’ll find only organic, raw plant oils and butters, steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils, and organic or wild-crafted botanicals. They’re also dedicated to using the least amount of plastic packaging possible. All of their products are either hand wrapped in PCW paper or packaged in glass containers. 

Meow Meow Tweet, Deodorant Stick, $22, available at Meow Meow Tweet.

Photo courtesy of Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty uses only USDA-certified organic ingredients and steers clear of any nasty toxic ingredients such as parabens and petroleum. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free, which won them the Courage in Commerce award from PETA, and they focus on locally sourcing ingredients. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, health and wellness guru (, and, duh, actress) Gwyneth Paltrow is the brand’s creative director of beauty, so that says something.

Juice Beauty, Phyto-Pigments Satin Lip Cream, $24, available at Juice Beauty.

Photo courtesy of Mullein & Sparrow

Mullein & Sparrow

Mullein & Sparrow crafts their luxury, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty line with the most natural herbs and oils in small batches, all in Brooklyn, New York. Sourcing their ingredients only from small, local farms, they ensure that every ingredient is 100 percent organic and that farmers are fairly compensated. Added bonus: Every product is packaged in gorgeous glass containers that are reusable and recyclable.

Mullein & Sparrow, Facial Steam, $22, available at Mullein & Sparrow.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Haushka

Dr. Haushka

Dr. Haushka has been producing natural and sustainable skin care since 1967, making it one of the original green beauty brands. Focusing on sustainability before it was even a coined term, they almost exclusively obtain ingredients from organic cultivation and with fair-trade practices. They heavily focus on conserving the planet’s resources, from green electricity to providing employees with company bicycles, too.

Dr. Haushka, Rose Day Dream, $45, available at Dr. Haushka.