Everything Sucks For Hailee Steinfeld In ‘The Edge Of Seventeen’ Trailer

Major high school drama

Despite being way cool in real life, Hailee Steinfeld is doing that thing called acting and playing a nerdy type in her new movie, The Edge of Seventeen. A long, red band trailer for the movie just premiered online, and we're digging it. The Edge of Seventeen stars Steinfeld as a high school outcast whose best and only friend starts dating her older beefcake brother, played by Blake Jenner. Because it's high school, this sends her entire world crashing down around her. The adults in her life, a sardonic teacher played by Woody Harrelson and an overbearing mother played by Kyra Sedgwick, just don't get it, and everything basically sucks, although we're not exactly sure why. The movie gives off strong retro vibes—maybe it's her jacket or the complete lack of texting, until the very end of the clip, when Steinfeld's character whips out her smartphone to send a dirty text to the boy she likes.

The Edge of Seventeen was written and directed by Kelly Fremon, who is making her feature debut. The movie doesn't have a release date which is really stressful because we want to watch it RIGHT NOW. In the meantime, we'll have to settle for watching the trailer again. You can do the same, above.