editor’s pick: flower league

because printed varsity jackets win every time

There are some fashion trends that just never seem to go out of style: a little black dress, red nails, and varsity jackets are a few that come to mind. The latter, though, is one trend that really fascinates me. I like to think that it started because '30s football players and track stars lent them to their girlfriends who were sipping hot chocolate on the sidelines. Then, one of the girl's best friends was like, "Wow, that actually looks really cute, let's all do it." And then they did. I'm not really sure if this is exactly how it happened, but can we just pretend anyway?!

In 2014 though, what cool girl wants to wear a dude's jacket? This is the age of gals wearing, doing, and being their own everything (thank God). Even though we may borrow our best dude's cardigans, or buy oversized tees in the men's sections of our favorite stores, it's about time that a girl get a freaking awesome varsity jacket that she doesn't have to give back (and that sets itself apart). Lucky for all of us, I've found it. This Floral Varsity Jacket by Married to the Mob is a totally rad update to the classic look that your dude would never wear in the first place, so, yes, it's yours form the starting line.

Be part of the cool girl flower league and scoop up your very own Married to the Mob Floral Varsity Jacket right here in the NYLON Shop!