editor’s pick: glitter girl

why these are the most nylon earrings ever.

Not sure about you, but when I think about NYLON, I think about pink and glitter. Okay, there are a milion other things, too (like Private Icon, Emma Roberts, and denim). What it is about these earrings that is just so NYLON though, is the fact that they stand out (like our bright pink logo), come with hint of vintage (like some of my favorite past photoshoots), and come with glitter (as every party should).

See what I mean by checking out some pages from the NYLON archives that look like they could have inspired these awesome Suzywan Deluxe Apache Earrings in the NYLON Shop. Then break out your old issues and scoop up your very own pair of the showstoppers right here.

May 2011 Issue - Page 72

October 2013 Issue - Bag Check

October 2009 Issue - Page 42

January 2014 Issue - Page 88