editor’s pick: the purrfect crop top

spring fashion just went next level.

Remember when it was cool to cover your notebooks, walls, and Trapper Keepers in collages made of everything you could find?! Leo's face, your name spelled out in different fonts, a perfume bottle overlapping a pair of overalls--the possibilities were endless. But unless you were flipping through gardening magazines or cat calendars, chances are good that you didn't find many cats adorning the glossy pages of your favorite magazines. Well, cat-less collages are about to get next level, seeing as this Kitty Garden Party Crop Top by Pretty Snake exists.

Not only is the collage itself completely made up of only overlapping kittens and flowers, but it's also in crop top form. Need I say more? Maybe not, but I will--because you need to know that you can scoop up your very own kitty crop in the NYLON Shop, right here. It goes perfectly with vintage jeans and sunnies, sandals, and a lollipop.

Now, the only thing I need to know is, does this come in wallpaper form?