editor’s pick: team leopard

we sure know how to run things.

Everyone needs a summer cover-up. I'm not talking about see-through dresses or oversized T-shirts to wear over your bikinis. What I mean is something to wear on the beach late at night, when the sun goes down and the stars turn on. This is the time of night where you stroll the boardwalk, build a bonfire, or get lost in the woods--the time of night that comes with a chilly breeze.

You might be wondering just how a varsity jacket could be a viable replacement for a sweatshirt that can roll up and squeeze into a bag that's packed with snacks, an issue of NYLON, and unannounced beverages. And while it's true that a jacket like this one by Sugarpills might not roll up as easily as a crewneck, it does look really good and definitely keeps you warm in the dark of the night.

My advice? Bring your favorite old hoodie for day trips that turn into night trips. But when it comes to summer evenings when you and your best friends are sitting around with nothing to do, one of you will eventually think of something. When you do, let this be the piece you go for when you tell your BFFS that you "Just need to go grab a jacket."

Yes, leopard can definitely be done the wrong way, but when pink and purple are involved it's a little easier for the pattern to be way cool. Varsity jackets are already an awesome alternative to denim and leather, adding a bit of modern prep to any sundress or overall shorts--and when used in this case, leopard works and it works really well.

So, are we on each other's team? And you know, and you know, and you know....

If we are, then go scoop up your own Pink Spotted Varsity Jacket by Sugarpills, right here in the NYLON Shop--and happy midnight galavanting.