end of days? nah, more like endless wardrobe. win our picks from wasteland!

by jazzi mcgilbert

Ironically, we've been guests at more than one End of Days party in our short lifetime. We busted out the sequins for January Y2K, dressed it down in denim cut-offs for a 2011 BBQ (remember when that old guy miscalculated Judgement Day?), and now, we're outfit planning for the end of the world as we know it, er, yet again. Luckily, this time we've got a little pre-apocalyptic help from They're betting that we'll all survive past December 21st, and going all-in by giving a $12,000 shopping spree to one lucky reader. Jealousy set in the second we realized that we're totally ineligible, but we couldn't help picking our faves to help get your wishlists started. Rebecca flocked to this feathered cardigan, while Jazzi wants to live it up in a 60s-inspired mini dress. Ray and Ali? They're duking it out over cozy sweaters and the perfect pair of vintage overalls. Check out the rest of our Wasteland picks in the #NYLONshop, then let us know what makes your list in the comments. And make sure you enter the contest ASAP because one of you is going to have a very, very, happy 2013 (human existence pending)!

"I collect overalls—but it's so hard to find cute vintage ones in the right size—thank the lord for these."—Ray Siegel

"Aside from the insanely awesome candied red color, I love the idea of a "relaxed" sweater that can be paired under a leather jacket in the winter, or thrown over a bathing suit and cutoffs in the summertime."—Ali Hoffman

"When it's cold out, I just want to spend all my time wearing fuzzy sweaters like this one. Don't expect to ever take it off until May."—Rebecca Willa Davis

"I'm kind of a wallflower at holiday parties, so I like to let my outfits do the talking. This Twiggy-inspired dress is just loud enough."—Jazzi McGilbert