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    by · January 06, 2014

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    Welcome to The Checklist, NYLON’s new morning wake-up call. Whether you’re looking for a little outfit inspiration, a new song to play as you drink that first cup of the coffee, or that one bit of news you can’t leave the house without knowing, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be updating every day during the week, every single early morning (New York time, natch), with a different editor--and sometimes special It Girl guests--curating the picks, so you have no reason not to make it your first-thing-to-check-the-moment-you-turn-on-your-phone. Still not enough early inspiration for you? Then head to Instagram--we’ll be using the hashtag #NYLONDaily as a place for NYLON readers to show off the things that inspire them, and we want you to contribute!The Checklist Curator: Rebecca Willa Davis, Executive Web EditorThe Look: Elizabeth OlsenMonday in mid-winter? Yeah, it’s a day to pull on the fuzziest oversize sweater you have. Today I’m going to take a page from Olsen and go with something a little more high brow--yes, that extra-long black top is what takes this outfit from rolled-out-of-bed to ready-to-walk-a-red-carpet. Don’t have Chloe resort ’14 or pants from The Row to pull on? Find a blouse with the longest tails and your comfiest pair of black skinny jeans and you’re ready to roll.The Face: Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips
    Who’d think that one of the most buzzed about beauty launches would be a new iteration of a 150-year-old product? But makeup bloggers have been freaking out about Vaseline’s Rosy Lips release, which has been around in the UK for a bit but only slowly getting rolled out stateside. I got my hands on one of these mini tubs and totally get the freak-out--it’s super-moisturizing like the original but smells amazing and imparts a nice pink tint on your lips. Dab it on your cheeks too for a dewy--and hydrating--alternative to blush on super cold mornings like these.The News: Liz Cheney Quits Senate Race
    Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz announced this morning that she’s quitting the Wyoming Senate race--meaning that, for the time being at least, no more Twitter fighting with her sister Mary (a lesbian who took issue with the fact that her sister was denouncing gay marriage in order to firm up her conservative stance).The Inspiration: Florine StettheimerI like to think of the New York-based artist from the early 20th century as the Debbie Harry of the Dada movement--way girly with a touch of camp, celebrating femininity as much as she was revealing its constructs in an otherwise pretty macho count-culture environment. When she wasn’t busy hosting salons for the likes of Marcel Duchamp or writing poetry, she was painting these incredibly rococo-esque portraits of herself and friends. I saw this piece at MoMA this weekend (the exhibit runs through January 26, so don’t miss it) and can’t stop thinking about it. Cool girls, the NYC skyline, and oversize flowers...I wish every day had a bit of all three.
    The Song: Kurt Vile - “Jesus Fever”The guitar line in this song just is Monday morning, you know?
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