Elle Fanning Has A Whole New Look

dark hair and a red carpet bra

Elle Fanning, youngest of the illustrious Sisters Fanning, has done the unthinkable: She is now a brunette. The young actress hit the premiere for her new film The Young Ones last night, trading in her flaxen color for a rich, low-key auburn. Her previously blonde hair always made her look younger and more angelic (right? Maybe?) but with darker hair, Elle certainly has an air of sophistication that feels new for her. 

On top of her new look, Elle—who is some sort of supernatural wonder-being when it comes to dressing for the red carpet—appeared wearing a super cropped bralette and a low-slung midi skirt. With the darker hair and the more daring look (earlier in the day she had an A-Line dress to film a late night show), our little Elle is all grown up. Which is a thing people do, apparently, given a long enough amount of time.  

Check out her new film The Young Ones, where Elle plays Nicholas Hoult's young wife in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.