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emma and nat, take two!

the two actors reunite for “ashby.”

by jennifer suzukawa-tseng

Flashback to this past spring: we were anxiously counting down the days until Palo Alto finally hit theaters.Reasons why we were so excited include:

a.) It was Gia Coppola’s feature-length directorial debut.

b.) It featured an awesome score by Dev Hynes. 

c.) It was based on James Franco’s short stories. 

d.) It starred Emma Roberts and Nat Wolff. 

Trick question! Just kidding, it was totally e.) All of the above. 

This time around, one out of the four still holds for the 2015 comedy-drama flick, Ashby. Turns out, Palo Alto wasn’t the first time Emma and Nat met. The two are Nickelodeon veterans, as Emma starred in her tween TV series Unfabulous and Nat in the musical-comedy show, The Naked Brothers Band.

Seeing this quick snap from Emma’s Instagram, we’re already getting excited for their upcoming film. The movie is about high schooler Ed Wallis’ (Nat Wolff) friendship with his neighbor (Mickey Rourke), a retired CIA assassin with only months left to live. And if we can take a hint from this photo, it’s that we can expect rad wardrobe inspo from this film. Emma’s cherry-red sunnies and sweet checkered pants make every retro-lover intrigued in the flick. 

Get your giggles and gingham on when this movie is released next year. In the meantime, keep watching this space for more from our new favorite onscreen dream team.