beauty queen: emmy rossum

lazy girl eyeliner has never looked so good.

by liza darwin

It seems like almost all we've done this month is talk about the cat eye--and for good reason, because it's awesome. And thanks to Emmy Rossum, here's a fresh new take on the look, without having to ditch the liner completely. The Shameless actress attended a benefit in Los Angeles last night sporting mostly-nude makeup (shiny lips, minimal blush) and a thick swipe of eyeliner on her upper lashes only. 

The look might not be groundbreaking, but the choice to leave the bottom lashes totally bare and focus solely on the top makes this a new incarnation of the traditional eye cat eye flick we already know and love. Plus, because the line is so thick, it's no big deal if your liner isn't totally precise--or if you haven't quite nailed your steady hand technique. The easiest kinda-sorta-cat eye ever? Yeah, we'll take it. 

COVER IT: Covergirl Eye Enhancers in Silk Champagne--$3.09

Start off with a fresh, clean base of neutral-colored eyeshadow. We love this one because it's matte, flatters all skin tones, and costs less than a latte. Score. 

LINE IT: Ardency Inn Punker Eyeliner-- $19

From the inner corner of the eye, draw a thin line against your upper lashes that gets thicker as you move toward the edges. Go over the line again, focusing on the middle-to-outer part. Finally, add a slight swipe upward that extends just past your outer lashes. Leave your bottom set bare. 

LASH IT: Outrageous Volume Mascara--$15 

On your upper lashes only, swipe two coats of this ultra-black mascara (don't forget the tiny inner lashes) for serious volume and a wide-eyed effect.