Collage photos by Ricky Michiels and via Getty Images


Emoji Hair Is A Thing That Is Happening

Why text it when you can hair flip it?

Peak emoji may have been reached. The latest trend in tiny icons that convey more meaning than words ever could isn't digital, nor is it sartorial. It's personal, and it involves your hair: Brace yourselves, for emoji hair is here to fulfill whatever long-lost Hair Flair Wrap fantasy you may have repressed. 

Created by the always forward-thinking British salon Bleach London, the emoji hair is more of an appliqué than it is an actual dye technique. Hairstylist Loren Miles debuted the look on both her Instagram and Bleach London's. The tapestry gets woven into a chunk of hair, so it's more temporary than the magical styles Bleach London is known for. (Hello, watermelon hair!) The colorists at Bleach London are so skilled, though, expect a dye version of the hairmoji to come soon. Imagine getting the hair flip emoji dyed into your hair. How meta.