Reviving the elegance…

by Josh Madden


One of the best things about fashion week is spotting all of the new talent that the menswear realm has to offer. In addition, one of the best ways to spot this new talent is in the presentation format. Much like EN Noir, Public School, and Hood by Air, lots of new designers start out showing in presentations so that buyers, editors and tastemakers can really get a good look at the collection.

Truly making a fashion statement of must haves and tailored treats is the brand EPONYMOVS BY HVMRMINN. This NYC based brand originally started out was a made to measure line before launching a ready to wear range last fall. Their goal is to “Revive the elegance of American Elegance”.

Revive is a great word to describe this collection as it brought many menswear staples to life. The collection consisted on updates on classic tailored looks. Double Breasted outerwear in muted jewel tones like ox blood and drab olive, broad shawl collar suit jackets and pleated ankle trousers round out this collection. Check out some of our favorite looks above.

words & photos by:

Chris Law