ernest supplies by the motley

New products at our usual shop…

by Christian Lavery

Whenever we find ourselves in a grooming conundrum and are a bit puzzled by which product to trust, we always head over to The Motley. Not only are they always happy to help with any questions we may need answered, but they have an assortment of products unlike any other. Adding to that already amazing selection, they recently announced that they’ll be carrying Ernest Supplies Matte Moisturizer, Cooling Shave Cream, and Soap-Free Gel Face wash – high quality products that were crafted with simplicity in mind. Made with all natural ingredients, each of the three protects and preserves your skin to have you looking your best. Plus, the pouches that the formulas are housed in were specially designed with an oxygen barrier to keep the active ingredients inside (like antioxidants and vitamins) fresher and more effective. They’re perfect for traveling or for everyday use at home. The entire line can be purchased HERE.