Escape from Tomorrow Trailer

disney world is a scary place.

by steff yotka

Who hasn't gone to Disney World late at night and thought, "Hmm. This is a little weird"? (Especially if you're riding It's a Small World over and over again. Those little puppets are scary!)

Writer-director Randy Moore took inspiration from those midnight, Mickey Mouse jitters and created the film Escape From Tomorrow, a horror movie shot guerrilla-style at Disney World and Disney Land. A crew with handheld cameras tailed the actors around the theme parks covertly, trying to avoid suspicion from security guards and ride operators. The result (judging by the trailer) is a genuinely freaky flick.

In the movie, a family takes a trip to the House of Mouse, where the father gets The Shining-level psychotic after an encounter with two teens at their hotel's pool. What ensues is some zombie sightings, little boys with all black eyes, and lots (we mean lots) of screaming. 

Watch below and say goodbye to not being afraid of cartoons characters forever.