photos by jackie yaeger

easy ways to hook up your apartment

thanks to these sweet etsy shops

Not sure if this ever happens to you, but sometimes when I enter stores, especially independent shops around Brooklyn, I'll feel like I've entered a dream world. Usually I stay longer than I should, probably creeping out the sales associates. A lot of times, though, they'll be so well-curated that I just don't want to leave. Instead, I want to pack up all of my stuff and move right in. That's most likely not going to be cool with these small shop owners, but what can happen, is you taking all the inspo you can from the stores, and bringing a piece of them home with you.

You might remember our interview with awesome curator Kat Sloosky from NYC's Dossier Outpost, all about her curated shows at the South Street Seaport. Now, her colleague, Dossier Journal and Outpost's creative director, Skye Parrott, has curated her own version of a place you'll never want to leave: a shop-able Etsy pop-up store that feels like your dream apartment. If you live in NYC, go stop by the pop-up before it's gone after this Sunday. Everyone else, see our top picks from the store in the gallery, then go hook up your apartment with everything from a teepee to handmade tie-dye curtains.

Whether you've got your room setup as your own curated museum of goodies (with books and jewelry on display), or you need a cozy spot to shop for a gift, this curated marketplace (both online and in real life) is definitely the place to find it.

LittleKorboose Feather Tea Towels - $18

Calyer Ceramics Ice Cream Spoons - $42

Honesty Alchemy Table Napkin - $38

Leah Ball Ceramics

PegandAwl Cutting and Serving Board - $80

Caru Skincare Company Soaps and Skin Serums - $36+

Winter Cabin Collection Brave the Storm Bandanas - $25

MINNA Weaving

FritzandFraulein Toiletry Bags - $48

Sass & Peril Temporary Tattoos Modern Animals - $1.99

Mi + De Hand Printed Notebooks from Milan - $25

Paper Cub Co. Cards (Top Row) - $4-$5

Native Bear Cards (Bottom Row) $4-$7

Mi + Ed Mini Pineapple and Cactus Cards, $8.30

Solid Manufacturing Company Standard Clutch, $58

PegandAwl Jewelry Seed Pack - $96+

Sonadora Natural Raw Wool and Brass Art Wall Piece - $120

Wild Things Rainbow Play Tent Teepee - $287

Peg and Awl Decoupage Candle Set and Desk Caddy

Toast Cermaics Pot

Audrey Louise Reynolds Curtain

Winter Cabin Collection Hunker Down With Me Banner - $55

Earth Cadets Pillows - $65

Solid Manufacturing Company

PegandAwl The Scout Foldaway Camp Bed - $128

Lilco Studio - $60

Gus and Lula - $6.99

Eve Sand


Gus and Lula

Sewindie Shop - $20

Harry Diaz Pyramids Riso Print - $15

Lilco Studio Fortune Favors the Brave - $60

White Nest {You Are Wonderful} Print - $15