exfoliating tonic by clinique for men

Not just for your girl anymore…

by Christian Lavery

With dermatological roots dating back to 1968, Clinique is widely known for its presence in the female skincare market. But we know, this is NYLON Guys. So what’s that have to do with us? Well, thanks to the brand’s latest venture into men’s grooming, don’t be surprised if your medicine cabinet begins to bear a striking resemblance to that of your girlfriends.

Introducing Clinique for Men, the new line stocked with plenty of products to keep your skin care regimen effective and efficient. Among them, the brand’s Exfoliating Tonic. Part of Clinique’s philosophy of cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, the integral second step is all about achieving great skin. A lightweight, oil-free formula, the tonic removes dry, dead flakes, controls excess oil, and lessens the chance of pore-clogging trouble spots, to leave skin smooth and reduce blemishes.

Buy the Exfoliating Tonic HERE, and check out the entire line of Clinique for Men HERE.