eye spy

putting rimmel’s shapeshifting day2night mascara to the test.

by liza darwin

Attention, party kids: this one's for you. Rimmel London wants to take you from a.m. to p.m.- literally- with their new Day2Night mascara.

The secret is in the double cap, which allows the wand to shift from skinny and long (for lengthening, the so-called "day look") to short and thick (for volume, the "night look").

But here's a confession: we didn't exactly follow the instructions. Instead, we used both versions of the wand at the same time- and found that they actually are awesome together. The thin brush works great for the bottom lashes, while the thickening version is perfect for the top. Basically, it's as close as that wide-eyed Zooey Deschanel look as we're going to get (sigh).

So here's to having the best of both matter what time of day it is.

$7.99 at drugstores.