Oh, Look: Another F. Scott Fitzgerald Show Is Coming

Watch ‘The Last Tycoon’ trailer here

Hollywood sure does love itself a flapper drama—especially if said drama involves F. Scott Fitzgerald. This year has already brought Zelda Fitzgerald's life to the small screen with Z: The Beginning of Everything and rumors of another Zelda-centric movie are swirling. Or is it two? Now we have The Last Tycoon, Amazon's forthcoming nine-episode adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's final novel by the same name.

Starring Matt Bomer, The Last Tycoon follows Monroe Stahr as he works to make a proper name for himself in 1930s Hollywood. Kelsey Grammer plays Stahr's father figure and boss Pat Brady who, based on the trailer, is none too happy Stahr made Brady's daughter, Celia played by Lily Collins, a producer. Such drama!

The show hits Amazon's Prime Video platform July 28. A summer of stunning costuming awaits. Long live F. Scott Fitzgerald.