this new app can reveal who has unfriended you on facebook

it’s a cold, cold world

by carly sloane

Facebook stalking is something we all do at one point or another. Whether you're checking to see if an ex has moved on, finding out where that genius from high school is now working, or doing some "research" on your best friend's new crush, the social media-stalking epidemic is pretty much inevitable. 

The most shocking part of this experience is when you look up someone's name that you know you were once friends with, only to be greeted with the mere sight of their smiling profile picture and a bright green "Add Friend" button. You think to yourself, Why would they delete me? I post witty statuses, right? Don't my selfies show a funny side of me? And who else has unfriended me?

Now, with the program Who Deleted Me, one of these deep questions can be answered. The app can reveal who has removed you versus who just deactivated their account. Unfortunately it only starts tallying your lost friends after you've downloaded it, so there's no way to tell which past friendships are gone for good.

To make stalking even more unavoiable, the program can also tell you the last time your friends logged onto Facebook, showing when they decided to delete you. Who Deleted Me will also let you know when they think it's time to make new friends.

If this doesn't seem like "TMI" to you, be sure to check out the app on iOS, Android, or a browser extension on Google Chrome.