Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

7 Cocktail Ingredients You’ll Be Drinking This Fall


Baby, it's cold outside (at least it was last week), which means that you need some hot beverages to warm you up. Last year, we told you what your fall drink says about you. We are back with some new recipes added to the mix. We have searched near and far to find the ingredients of the season. Even if you're doing a variation of Sober October, you can't go wrong with these seven choices that we have provided. Bottoms up, autumners!


No shame to those that like to indulge in Starbuck's infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte, but there are so many other ways to drink the jack-o'-lantern. You could try a hot pumpkin tequila toddy, a pumpkin smoothie, a pumpkin spice hot chocolate, or even a pumpkin chai instead. (The internet is bursting with pumpkin cocktail recipes should you want to forget you're consuming the squash plant altogether.)


An apple a day can go quite a long way during this time of year. You can have your cider iced, hot, spiced, mulled, or hard. The wonderful Martha Stewart has an amazing list of recipes that will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Your mouth will definitely be bobbing for these apples.


Spice up your life with this bark powder. You can add this garnish into sweet and savory beverages, but it also makes for a great healing remedy with many using it to detox. You might want to consider stocking up on some cinnamon-infused tequila as well.


Back in the folk days, this spice was primarily used for medicinal properties. Nowadays, you can have it in the form of an ale or beer. Ginger can also be used for a light fizz or spritzer. Oh, and if you're not ready to give up sangria, then look no further.


We admit, this is an all-year-round type of drink, but drinking a hot matcha latte on a crisp fall day is practically heaven on earth. Plus, it's the perfect beverage for hard-core tea lovers. Believe it or not, you can sprinkle matcha into your cocktails too.


Turns out that this isn't just used to fire up the BBQ in the summertime. Activated charcoal and bamboo charcoal powder are like the top secret Chemical X of beverages. All juices, lemonades, and cocktails that you used to know will never taste the same again. The health benefits of charcoal are also unbelievable too. Unleash the dark side and purge all the toxins from within. 


There's a reason that this beverage is Captain Jack Sparrow's drink of choice. While rum really thrives in the summer, it makes your drinks extremely toasty in the fall. Once again, Martha Stewart outdid herself with all of these yummy cocktail recipes—there's something on the menu for everyone.