What You Can Get At The Farmer’s Market For Under $25

    And what you cook with it

    by · June 29, 2016

    The best produce aisle you’ll ever graze is found outside of the grocery store. You can find it on the street a few days a week under a row of tents stocked with vegetables dusted with country soil. Welcome to the farmer’s market.

    Buying produce can be a pain in the wallet. But that’s no excuse to head straight for the frozen section and stock up on pizzas and pre-made fried rice. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then some for under $25 with one haul at the local market.

    For the budget-conscious shopper, the variation of providers means various price points. Our plan of action? Take a lap around to survey what’s available and at what price. Try not to get sucked into tunnel vision when you spot the first cherries of the season. (Though we can’t blame you if you do. The excitement is real, and we might be guilty of knocking over a box or two of kale to beat the crowd for that first pint.)

    Once you find the vendor that best fits your wallet, remember that you don’t need to fill your canvas bag with ten pounds of broccoflower even though it’s pretty enough to decorate every corner of counter space with. Small quantities will do just fine here without compromising the lush vibrancy of local vegetables. Shoot for a pound or less so you can have your broccoflower and purple asparagus too.

    One trip and you can be toting the best available ingredients in your region back to your kitchen. Whether you’re cornered by mega marts in the suburbs or bordered by bodegas in the city, get a taste of country life. Find your local market here, and read on for our recipes.

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