’90s Fashion And Beauty Trends Overdue For A Reboot

They’re a-comin’

Chokers, platform shoes, brown lipstick, fanny packs, the '90s are here in full force despite it being two decades years later. On top of the key '90s looks we just listed, though, there are a ton of other trends that brands have tweaked and made relevant again. And, believe it or not, there are still a lot that haven't made it to the surface yet—key word: yet. Cyclical is the name of the beauty and fashion game, and we're positive that we'll see every single last '90s trend resurrected before our current decade is out.

To anticipate these revivals, ahead, we've outlined '90s moments that we predict are going to be big in the coming months. The decade is a good—nay, great—one, and we're always here for a moment to reminisce. Memories, nostalgia, wistfulness, all of the above, ahead. 

Sweater Vests

Why not bring back the matching headband while we're at it?

Feather Boa

Picture this with a slip dress and simple heels, and you're ready for a night out (or in).

Visible Lip Liner

Would '90s Beyoncé steer us wrong? Don't answer that.


They're the new Snapchat Spectacles.

Crimped Hair and Barrettes

This trend gives you options: Wear your hair crimped and otherwise unadorned; or, forget the crimping iron and just sport barrettes by themselves. Better yet? Put the two trends together for a double nostalgic whammy. 


We've already seen a slight resurgence of windbreakers recently, but think the same style in funky, slightly tacky colors.

One Up, One Down Pant Leg

Strong calves required.


Wear it like Mary K seen here, try it out as a headband, or pull a Tupac. The options are plenty.

Zig-Zag Part

This is probably the tamest of the beauty trends from this decade, but it's also the one we miss the most.

Newsboy Caps

Isolate the cap from everything else going on with Janet Jackson's look right now and try to picture it on the streets today. It's gonna happen, mark our words.

Tinted Sunglasses

The yellow aviators are already on the come-up; the other colors of the rainbow can't be too far behind.

Tube Tops

We just need someone to create versions with bras built in and we'll be all set.