Feist Shows Us What “Pleasure” Is All About

Rock on, girl

We're not even midway through the year, but the comeback continues for many chart-topping music legends. Feist was an unexpected surprise, but her return has been met with nothing but pure joy and excitement. Following the release of her first single, "Pleasure," the Canadian singer-songwriter has dropped an accompanying music video directed by Mary Rozzi.

The visual is definitely a departure from the choreographed montage that is "1234," but we're into it. All eyes are on Feist and her disproportionate body as she passionately plays an air guitar around a room full of mirrors. (Letting go of your image is what rock and roll is all about!)

It sort of reminds us of what we do when we're alone in our bedrooms, dancing to music in front of our mirrors with the sound turned all the way up. Of course, we don't ever look as cool as Feist in her floral embroidered robe, gold hoops, black top, and jeans.

Feist's forthcoming album, Pleasure, is out on April 28 via Interscope. Watch the private show go down in the video, above.