Fendi Put Out A $1,000 Shawl That Looks Like A Vagina

Just in time for fall?

A Fendi shawl started making the rounds on Twitter recently. The price tag is exorbitant ($990!), and it’s made out of fox fur (has the brand not gotten the memo?!), but the real reason people are talking about it, is because it not-so-subtly resembles a vulva.

No, really, look at it closely. It might take a minute or two to register, but once it does, there’s no way you can unsee it. There it is, female genitalia, in all its layered glory.

People on Twitter were also quick to make the comparison.

One user pointed out that it really comes to life once you flip the picture.

We’re here for Fendi embracing the bush, but we’re not sure we want to wear one around our necks.