festival diary: band of skulls

the rock n’ roll trio goes country at bonnaroo.

by liza darwin

Whether or not you were there to experience it in person yourself, it should go without saying that Band of Skulls blew Bonnaroo away. They're cool, they're badass, and with their heavy-duty brand of catchy garage rock, they're just plain good.

Matthew, Russell, and Emma took a break from recording their sophomore album to head down to Tennessee- and according to them, they're still shaking off the dust and mud left over from the weekend. In between their own performances and catching shows, the U.K. trio managed to take some photos for us along the way.

See the band's Lomo pictures and Hipstamatic snaps and live vicariously through their Bonnaroo experience below- minus the dirt, of course.

Listen to more Band of Skulls here.