grace and co. recap bonnaroo!

by liza darwin

We first crushed on Grace Potter and the Nocturnals almost a year ago,

and needless to say, our infatuation is still going strong. With their bluesy Southern rock-tinged sound, the quintet's 2010 self-titled album is warm, easy, and instantly familiar- the kind of record that you can have on repeat all day but never gets old.

It's a true testament to the group's talent that they can play in front of swarms of people-including 35,000 fans at Bonnaroo- and songs like "Nothing But the Water" and "Apologies" still maintain that same homegrown intimacy as they do blasting from your car windows. That's a good thing, because with major performances coming up at NYC's Central Park Summerstage and Grand Point North festival as well as a country collaboration with Kenny Chesney....well, we have the feeling this is only the beginning.

We let Grace tell us about the band's most memorable Bonnaroo moments.

Listen to more Grace Potter and the Nocturnals here.

"Here's me & Lewis Black having a white wine spritzer. I was trying to think of the most civilized drink to pair with our highly uncivilized conversation."

"This is a shot that [photographer] Danny Clinch took of us in 2009. They blew it up. That thing was like 10 feet tall! He's got such an incredible perspective. Love his work."

"This is me icing my feet and doing an interview with the lovely Allison from Fuse TV. The foot freeze felt great until I realized that I'd gone numb -Took me an hour to walk straight again!"

"This was the crowd for our show. They say there were 35,000 people watching! I can't explain the feeling - the energy was incredible."

"Here's me & the Nocturnals doing a little shoot shoot with photographer Danny Clinch. A whole pile of naked girls walked by while we were shooting. That's why Scotty's looking so excited."