Watch Jessica Lange And Susan Sarandon Go At It In The First ‘Feud’ Trailer

Looks like Ryan Murphy’s Feud: Bette and Joan won’t be short on cattiness. And thank god for that. People aren’t tuning into the show, which explores the tumultuous relationship between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, for the character’s civility, after all. In the new trailer for the forthcoming anthology series, we see just how much petty we can expect.

“There was never a rivalry like theirs” Catherine Zeta-Jones is seen saying in the short clip. “For over half a century, they hated each other, and we loved them for it.” So much so that we’re getting a television show centered around it! In the rest of the clip, we hear Susan Sarandon (Davis) and Jessica Lange (Crawford) throw a plethora of insults at each other and witness one get kicked in the head by the other.

“Feuds are never about hate, feuds are about pain,” Zeta-Jones closes the clip saying. Well, it’s clear these two shared a lot of hurt between each other. Feud: Bette and Joan debuts on FX March 5. Watch the full trailer above.