Fifty Shades of Grey Will Have an Alternate Ending

with an alternate ending and uncut version

by nylon

If the ending of Fifty Shades of Grey left you wanting more, today is your lucky day.

Fans of the hotly anticipated franchise needn’t wait until the sequel to get more of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey; when the film hits shelves (and iTunes, for those who would rather not make that purchase in public) on Digital HD and Blu-ray, it will feature an alternate ending.

The version of Fifty Shades that screened in theatres ended abruptly, with the elevator doors that open into Christian’s swanky bachelor pad closing on Anastasia, after the two unlikely lovers have a spat. Will the alternate ending be less bleak? Will it offer the scandalous sex scene fans of the book deserve? Maybe! Given that the home version is unrated, it’s possible that all of the sex scenes will be amped up from mere close-ups of toes curling and lip biting. 

Given the recent salary disputes it could be a while before Fifty Shades Darker sees the light of day. Producer Dana Brunetti told The Hollywood Reporter, “We literally have no idea what we’re going to do.” So, in the mean time, watch the teaser below, which features snippets of interviews with E.L. James, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, who is even hotter with his Irish accent.