the sexiest states, ranked

fifty states of grey.

We are officially five days away from the release of what is sure to be the most seminal film of our time, Fifty Shades of Grey. That means that we have five more days to jam pack as many "50 [insert product name/statistic] of Grey" lists down readers' throats. So, here's another one for you.

Online retailer eBay has released a "Fifty States of Grey" list, which ranks the "sexiest" states. (Cue the "oohs" and "ahhs.") And since it's hard to rank "sexiness" on any scale—albeit a large one that encompasses different cities and demographics—this list seems like it's more fun than anything. Especially given the fact that these "findings" are based on the amount of camisoles, chemises, silk robes, flannel pajamas, footed pajamas, and cotton pajamas purchased from the site. All of these items were ranked from "frumpy" to "sexy" and, well, we can only imagine that footy pjs were at the top of the "sexy" spectrum, with lacy bralettes and sheer underwear on the "predominantly frumpy" side. (They probably weren't, though. Our personal preference isn't shared by many.)

In addition to this, eBay also released a list that implies that Fifty Shades has influenced buyers' spending habits. Apparently in the six months following the release of the first trailer, when compared to eBay sales the following year, Polo Ralph Lauren underwear sales increased by 129%, Eurocopter Helicopters sales increased by 86%, Agent Provocateur sales increased by 100%, and silk robes sales increased by 79%. 

Check out the sexiest states list and grey-hued infographic below.

The top five sexiest states, based on sales of camisoles, chemises, silk robes, flannel pajamas, footed pajamas and cotton pajamas**:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Wyoming
  3. Arizona
  4. Oregon
  5. New Mexico

The five least sexy states:

  1. Nebraska
  2. Delaware
  3. Connecticut
  4. Maine
  5. Indiana