film fest: funniest movies

we’re already lol’ing

by ray siegel

When it comes to the funniest movie of all-time, it's nearly impossible to pick, which is probably why our office debate is still going. First of all, there's so many different types of humor, so many genres, and so many really funny guys and girls that have paved the way for the the many hilarious movies of our generation.

This round of voting is mostly a nod to them, along with a few newbies that deserved to make the cut. Do you lose it when Jim Carey played a detective that only solved crimes involving pets? Or when Billy Murray shows up to Dr. Leo Marvin's country home in What About Bob? And Adam Sandler's re-enrollment in kindergarden through tenth grade still gets us every time.

And speaking of funny girls, Leslie Mann's Missy Elliot rendition in The 40 Year Old Virging is one of the best scenes in film. Period. Check out our 10 favorite funny movies, and then vote on which makes you laugh the hardest every time you watch. We'll let you know which is voted as the best of the best tomorrow--and then stay tuned for the last round of voting on your favorite cult classic movies.