film fest: summer camp movies

color wars, canteen, camp fires and the big dance!

by ray siegel

When it comes to feel-good movies, we'll take a good summer camp movie over a rom-com any day. What's better than s'mores around campfires, capture the flag, going on raids, and summer romances?

We had a laugh about Ben Stiller as the director of "Camp Hope" from Heavyweights, our gigantic crush on Andrew Keegan in Camp Nowhere, double Lindsay Lohan trouble in Disney's remake of The Parent Trap, and you can't bring up camp movies without mentioning the genre's claim to fame: Wet Hot American Summer.

Then we took the question to you, and you gave us tons of suggestions for the best summer camp movies of all-time. We picked out the 10 that we love the most, but now it's up to you to rank the top 10.

Check out our 10 favorite films about summer camp, and then vote on your favorite. We'll let you know which is voted as the best of the best tomorrow--and then stay tuned for more rounds of voting on your favorite cult classic movies.