Magic In The Moonlight

emma stone, colin firth, woody allen, and spiritual mediums.

by lisa mischianti

Set in the South of France during the 1920s, Woody Allen's new film debuts

his latest muse, Emma Stone, as Sophie, 

a young Kalamazoo, Michigan native and supposed spirit medium serving as the in-house soothsayer for a wealthy family enrapt by her alleged otherworldly abilities. Skilled magician and staunch rationalist Stanley (Colin Firth), who has a proud history of debunk 

faux psychics, is enlisted by an old friend to prove Sophie a fraud. But Stanley soon finds himself rather baffled by some of Sophie's "impressions," and—in line with Allen's signature scripted marriages—experiences serious romantic chemistry with her. Warm, fuzzy feelings cause Stanley to question his sober worldview, and viewers, too, run the risk of developing a new appreciation for life's magic. 

The film opens in theaters today.