The Final ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Blurs The Line Between Good and Evil

It’s almost here

"I want to build a team of some bad people who can do some good." That's how the latest and final trailer for Suicide Squad opens, and the line perfectly sums up the upcoming blockbuster's topsy-turvy conceit. In a world where supervillains set out to save the world, what is bad and what is good? The quote comes to us from the mysterious Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), one of the "good guys," who sets the movie's plot in motion when she gathers some of the world's worst villains to fight a greater evil. (But you already knew that, because like us, you've been waiting for this movie to come out for what feels like forever.) A title card in the trailer calls her "the Squad's puppet master" and a "cutthroat government agent," which doesn't sound so altruistic when you think about it. 

We also get a good look at Joel Kinnaman's all-American soldier Rick Flag—one of the other so-called "good guys" in this story—whose job it is to keep the baddies in line. Mysteriously absent is Cara Delevingne's Enchantress, lending further credence to the rumors that in a movie filled with big bads, she's going to be the biggest. Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, but again, you already knew that.