chloe norgaard models some rad spring looks to go with her rainbow hair.

by ray siegel

Just because it's a new year, doesn't mean that all of our favorite trends are vanishing just yet. If 194t's Spring '13 lookbook is any indication, at least two of our favorites are sticking around: rainbow colored hair and the notion that sweatpants can be worn as legitimate pants.

In it the multi-color haired model, Chloe Norgaard, who we're convinced is actually Rainbow Brite all grown up, rocks the garment that's most synonymous with comfort: sweatpants. It's a trend we've been behind ever since Hannah MacGibbon wore a full grey sweatsuit to her Chloe show in 2009. As 194t's spring collection points out, the trick is to roll them up and wear them with unlikely pieces like collared shirts or other matching jersey pieces.

We might sound super lazy for going on about loungewear the way we are, but if that were true we wouldn't be doing such a good job of keeping up our own colorful highlights. Now that takes work.

Take a look at our favorite looks below, but be warned: It may result in wanting to live in a pair of sweatpants and give your hair an extreme dye job.