first look: anna suit resort 2012

boogie down, fashion moon children!

by ali hoffman

The resort collections always seem like a mixed bag: half we're dying to buy, and the rest is just kind of off.

But there's something about Anna Sui's resortwear that feels a bit more reliable than the rest. In short, we always want it.  This season is definitely no exception, with mix-and-match prints galore, dresses designed for late-night bonfires on the beach, and an asymmetrical, orange and navy striped dress that we would do anything to get in time for the weekend. 

Overall, Sui's once again proven she designs for both the bohemian and the badass, which is great for those who, like us, consider themselves a little of both. 

Check out our favorite picks below.

Plus: Watch Anna Sui's Fall runway show on NYLON TV!