mini dresses, furry shoulders, and checks, please.

by faran krentcil

When a fashion show can shut down a public park, line it with huge white candles, lure Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth onto a gravel walkway in pinpoint stilettos, and make it snow indoors, you know you've probably made a worthwhile trek to see it.

So it was with Burberry Prorsum, which showed their 2011 "Shrimpton" collection in Kensington Gardens this evening. The show was massive, but so were the fur caps and balloon sleeves that models like Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevigne, and Abbey Lee Kershaw stomped down the runways. 

As for the colors - a Yellow Submarine mix of mustard, dorty azure, and peacock purple - they brought the traditional Burberry check into something young, alert, and a little bit giggly. 

The collection's mod vibe was inspired by a vintage Burberry campaign, shot by David Bailey (no relation to Christopher!) and starring his then-girlfriend Jean Shrimpton in a Burberry coat with a wind-blocking hood.  And although we dread the resurgence of super-annoying '60s puns (remember all those stories about the Marc by Marc collection of 2004, declaring "It's a Mod, Mod World" and "Mod About You"?), we look forward to actually wearing the modern version of... um... mod, when it arrives in stores this August.

Which brings us to the runway music, which included Adele, Roger Daltry, and the 1964 classic, "You don't own me."  To which we reply, no Fall 2011, we don't own you... yet.

You can watch a video of the whole collection right now at, and also shop the outerwear ahead of everyone else!

Welcome back, Abbey Lee!